Our Mission

To provide reliable, cost-based power, now and in the future.



The Lakeview Light & Water Company was incorporated on March 21, 1922, as a mutual non-profit company for the purpose of obtaining electric service for its members. A Pierce County-owned power line from the Tacoma city limits to a county-owned sanitarium was leased from the county and extensions were constructed from this line to the various members.


Low Residential Rates

In 1955 the Federal Power Commission reported that Lakeview Light & Power mutual members enjoyed the lowest residential rates in the United States.

  • For several years Lakeview was awarded the much coveted Northwest Public Power Association “One Cent Award”, for selling electricity for one cent per kWh or less.
  • In 1954 the company began a practice that was very popular with its members. In order to comply with the non-profit requirements of its incorporation when there were funds over what was needed for sound business practices, the Board of Directors would declare a free month. Sometimes there would be 2 free months in a year.

New Facility

In January 1957 Mr. W.T. Jones who had served the Company as general manager since its beginning resigned because of bad health. Mr. Jones died in March 1958. The building that is our present office was in the planning stage when he died. The Company moved into the new facilities at 11509 Bridgeport Way S.W. in 1960.

Lakeview Today

Over a century ago this corporation was formed because a few forward-looking families wanted to make things better for their community.

Today, Lakeview:

  • Has 2,824 members
  • Serves 10,386 meters
  • Has 83 miles of distribution line
  • Operates with 28 total employees

Lakeview Light & Power continues today the commitment of its founders to serve its members at the lowest possible cost by means of a reliable electrical distribution system.