Move Out Form (Commercial)

This form must be filled out by an Owner, Landlord, or designated Management Company

To activate service for a tenant please complete the following Move-In form. Please call (253) 584-6060 with any questions.

  • All new and reactivated accounts will be charged a one time $20 Setup Fee.
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All final bills will be sent to the landlord/owner or transferred to a house meter/other active landlord/owner account.

When a request is made for a special reading, consumption and a prorated portion of the base charge will be billed accordingly.

Commercial Account Rates

New Tier 1 to 3 commercial accounts will be set up initially as commercial Tier 1-Rate 810 classification (see below). Lakeview will then monitor the account for approximately 90 days to analyze kilovolt-ampere (kVA) usage and demand. Once the business usage and demand are established, the account will be moved into the appropriate rate class. If usage exceeds the electric equipment capabilities, all fees for upgrading will be the responsibility of the tenant and/or owner.

General <400 Amp — Tier 1-Rate 810

  • Base Charge: $37.50
  • Energy (kVA): $0.0820

Small 400 Amp to 60 kVA — Tier 2-Rate 820

  • Base Charge: $50
  • Energy (kVA): $0.07
  • Demand (kVA): $0.25

Medium 60 to 200 kVA — Tier 3-Rate 830

  • Base Charge: $75
  • Energy (kVA): $0.0550
  • Demand (kVA): $6.65

Large >200 kVA — Tier 4-Rate 900

  • Base Charge: $325
  • Energy (kVA): $0.0431
  • Demand (kVA): $8