Food Drive!

LLP is working with Emergency Food Network and will be accepting donations of food from now through the end of May.

Bring in 10 items from this list and get a power strip!! While supplies last. (Must be an LLP customer to qualify)

Peanut butter power. Collect peanut or other nut butters. It is an easy to eat protein full of heart healthy fats. Mixed meals bag. Hold a traditional food drive and collect a variety of healthy items such as canned vegetables, fruits, soups, chili, peanut butter, pasta, cereals, and shelf stable milk. Fruits and veggies. Collect fruits and veggies in cans, dried, or individual servings. Fruits and veggies are high in nutrients and fiber. Break bags. Fill a grocery bag for hungry children when they go on extended school breaks. Collect one or more items from our break bags grocery list: canned vegetable, beef stew, fruit cups, low sugar granola bars, or a healthy cold cereal. Mighty meats. Collect canned tuna, chicken, or salmon. It is high in protein and a great base for delicious meals. Full baby bellies. Help infants get the basic building blocks by collecting formula, baby food, and diapers. Food and fund drive. Choose a food drive listed above and also collect funds. For every $1 donated, EFN distributes $12 worth of food. Most wanted food drive items: nut butters (peanut, sunflower, almond), canned meals (stew, chili, ravioli), canned meats (tuna, chicken, Spam), canned fruits (packed in juice), canned vegetables (low salt), baby items (formula, baby food, diapers), hot and cold cereals (no or low sugar), healthy kid snacks (applesauce, dried fruit, granola).