Low-Income Weatherization Helps Save Money

WA State Matchmaker Program Partners Lakeview Light & Power with Pierce County Community Connections

Low-income households can save on their energy bills and have more energy-efficient homes thanks to a program funded by the State of Washington and Lakeview Light & Power. It’s part of the Washington State Matchmaker Program, administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce, to permanently reduce energy bills and energy loss in electrically heated homes in Lakeview Light & Power’s service territory.

How It Works

  1. Lakeview Light & Power provides a cash sponsorship, which is matched dollar for dollar by the WA State Matchmakers program, to Pierce County Human Services
  2. Pierce County Human Services then:
    • Qualifies low-income Lakeview customers
    • Conducts a comprehensive energy audit on the home
    • Installs energy-saving measures

Home Improvements

A typical home may receive improvements like:

  • A Ductless Heat Pump heating system
  • An air seal of cracks and holes
  • Adding wall, floor, ceiling, or attic insulation

Through Lakeview’s participation in the Matchmaker program, Lakeview customers can receive additional improvements beyond what Lakeview’s energy conservation program could do by itself.

Teri Allen, Weatherization Program Specialist for Pierce County Human Services says,

The investment in Lakeview Light & Power is helping us expand our service and get more homes weatherized. It’s a partnership we really appreciate.

More Information

For more information about the Matchmaker Program, or to find out if your home may qualify for assistance, call Donn Falconer, at (253) 798-4400 (option #3) at Pierce County Human Services.


To complete a pre-application online, please visit: Home Weatherization Official Website.