Ben Reygers Celebrates 32 Years of Service

Ben Reygers in front of Lakeview truckEarlier last month, Foreman Ben Reygers marked 32 years of service with LLP. After graduating from Lincoln High School in 1977, Ben quickly jumped into the trade by learning how to operate heavy equipment from his father. Working in various areas of the industry, Ben earned his journey lineman status in 1983. Advances in technology have been the biggest changes to his profession. "We used to do a lot more hand-digging and pole climbing than we do today, but the biggest advantage of technology is safety; the only thing that hasn’t changed about this job is the danger in working with high voltage," Ben said.

During his time off, Ben and his wife Tammy enjoy spending time with their 2 grandchildren and vacationing in Hawaii. Ben fills many roles at LLP, whether supervising a line crew, doing locates, or system mapping. So, if you see Ben driving around our service area in the LLP ‘soccer mom’ service van, say aloha. Just don’t ask Ben to shuttle the kids to and from sports practice.