Initiative 1631

We are fortunate to live in a region where we are able to utilize the cleanest, most reliable, and most sustainable source of power: hydroelectricity - generated from dams along the Columbia and Snake River Systems. In fact, over 93% of our power purchases is generated from this resource. Also, according to the US Energy Information Administration, the state of Washington already has the 10th lowest carbon dioxide emissions per capita. While Lakeview Light & Power and other statewide cooperative utility companies are in favor of carbon reduction, the proposed Initiative 1631 is not the way to do it. The initiative provides very little in the way of actual incentives to reduce carbon emissions. Instead, it relies on an ever-increasing tax on transportation fuels, home heating fuels, and electricity to raise money for a variety of causes which will do nothing to reduce carbon emissions. In addition, the major sources of carbon emissions in Washington are exempted from the tax, leaving the burden to be paid by small businesses, farmers, and every citizen who lives in the state. Compared to other proposals for carbon reduction policies, I-1631 is a very bad public policy.

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